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Workforce Development

David Brewer

David Brewer
Extension Faculty
Yang-Tan Institute

Workforce Development systems integrate services for people with disabilities into a larger system of career advancement for all. Providing quality One-Stop services to a diverse group of customers, in a demand-driven environment, require a high level of cooperation and planning among community partners. EDI works in partnership with federal, state and local policymakers, agency personnel and job seekers to level the playing field and advance the world of work for all.


New York City Work Incentives Grant

The New York City Department of Small Business Services was awarded a Work Incentive Grant from the U.S. Department of Labor in 2004. Cornell University's Yang-Tan Institute provides training and on-site technical support to each of the City's Workforce 1 Career Centers to improve physical and programmatic accessibility for all job seekers.

One-Stop Access for All

Universal Access-NY is an online planning toolkit, where a Workforce Development system can collaboratively assess its practices, and develop work plans to improve physical and programmatic accessibility. This web site was designed to support a continuous improvement approach, encouraging multiple uses and incremental systems change.

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