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The Yang-Tan Institute conducts research, provides training and technical assistance, and produces scholarly publications under the sponsorship of federal, state, and private funding. The Yang-Tan Institute faculty and staff help clarify major issues related to disability as part of the overall management of diversity within organizations.

Advancing knowledge, policies, and practices to enhance the opportunities of people with disabilities for over 35 years

Area of Expertise

ADA, Accommodation & Accessible IT

Businesses, nonprofits, and public-sector organizations are providedwith information they need to comply with federal and state laws that remove obstacles to full citizenship and protect the civil rights of people with disabilities.

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Community Inclusion

Using the principles of transformational change and person-centered practices, the Yang-Tan Institute helps organizations support the contributions of people with disabilities and move them into valued social roles, engaged in all aspects of community living.

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Disability Benefits and Work

The Yang-Tan Institute helps people receiving public disability benefits, as well as their advocates and service providers, in understanding work incentives and developing individual return-to-work strategies; the Yang-Tan Institute is also leading the development of a national return-to-work agenda.

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Disability Employment Research

The Yang-Tan Institute researchers study how environmental factors influence the work outcomes of people with disabilities; research is also directed to changing public policy from a caretaker to economic self-sufficiency focus.

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Disability Statistics Research

The Yang-Tan Institute conducts independent research and provides statistics to local, state, and federal policymakers, the media, and others seeking timely, objective data on the number of people with disabilities, who they are, and where they work.

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Educational Achievement & Transition

The Yang-Tan Institute helps schools and other stakeholders meet statutory compliance with Leave No Child Behind mandates, and attain high academic standards and post-school outcomes for all youth, including those with disabilities.

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International Disability Research

The Yang-Tan Institute performs cross-national research on workplace disability policies and practices, and provides training for service providers and advocates.

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Workforce Development

The Yang-Tan Institute helps workforce development systems adopt management tools that ensure accessibility of employment services; engaging them in continuous quality improvement to better meet the needs of all customers accessing their systems.

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