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The Yang-Tan Institute is a leading resource on employment and disability information for businesses, lawmakers, federal and state agencies, educational institutions, unions, and service providers. The institute provides research, technical assistance, training, scholarly reports, and training publications to this wide array of customers to support the contributions of people with disabilities and ensure their full inclusion in their communities.

In support of our mission to enhance the opportunities of people with disabilities, the Yang-Tan Institute promotes and demonstrates integrity, inclusiveness, and collaboration in all we do.

Online Training


Disability, Workplace & Employment Support

Online Professional Development Courses and Certificate Programs

ediONLINE is the Yang-Tan Institute’s vehicle for providing high quality online training to managers, practitioners, advocates and policy makers in the disability field in order to improve and enhance effectiveness in supporting employment outcomes and greater economic self-sufficiency for people with disabilities. These courses bridge the gap between policy and practice by providing you with practical applications, hands-on learning, leading-edge skills, and knowledge that you can immediately apply to your work.

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Technical Assistance and Training

The Yang-Tan Institute provides technical assistance and training in the following disability-related areas: 1) information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Accessible Information Technology (IT); 2) information on how public benefits affect return-to-work efforts of people with disabilities; and 3) interpretation of federal and state disability statistics relating to prevalence and employment.

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ADA, Accommodation & Accessible IT Community Inclusion Disability Benefits and Work Disability Employment Research Disability Statistics Research Educational Achievement & Transition International Disability Research Workforce Development

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Disability Research

The Yang-Tan Institute conducts research in the following disability-related areas: 1) how economic, public policy, and demographic factors affect the employment and economic self-sufficiency of people with disabilities; 2) Effective employer practices in minimizing employment discrimination in both private and federal workplaces; and 3) Continuous quality improvement efforts for schools and communities promoting positive post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities.

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Scholarly Reports & Training Publications

The Yang-Tan Institute produces the following types of disability-related scholarly reports and training publications: 1) 35 brochures about disability non-discrimination employment practices as covered by Title I of the ADA; 2) more than 25 policy and practice briefs on disability return-to-work programs and work incentives; 3) more than 20 reports on employment policy and disability statistics; and 4) print and e-media brochures identifying promising practices in supporting employment for people with disabilities.

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