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Northeast ADA Center


The Northeast ADA Center provides quality training, technical assistance and materials on the ADA and accessible information technology throughout all of Federal Region II: New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. We are a neutral resource for employers, businesses, educational entities, disability advocacy organizations and individuals with disabilities.

For more information about us and our events, visit to our website at www.northeastada.org.

Center Activities

ADA: If you want to know how to implement the ADA in your organization, learn more about what a disability is or decipher some of the complication regulations for accessibility, contact our Center. In addition to ADA services, we'll help you better understand disability legislation that could affect your rights or responsibilities. We work on a variety of issues of the ADA and related subjects: employment, physical and programmatic accessibility, public accommodations, telecommunications, accessible information technology, the Rehabilitation Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, the Workforce Investment Act, the Help America Vote Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and relevant state and local laws and codes.

Training: We have an extensive list of training topics that includes: disability awareness, employment requirements, building access, court rulings, practical solutions to comprehensive problems with programmatic and physical access, accommodations for students, differences between elementary, secondary and post-secondary requirements, funding solutions and many more.

Technical Assistance: We provide extensive services such as our 1-800-949-4232 toll-free hotline to get explanations on regulations, ADA requirements, available materials and other topics. We are also available via e-mail at northeastada@cornell.edu and the web at www.northeastada.org. We provide answers within 24 hours for your ADA and related legislation and accessible IT questions.

Material Dissemination: We provide monthly technical bulletins via e-mail and our website: www.northeastada.org with articles discussing issues like Supreme Court Updates access issues, employment, telecommunications, upcoming training programs, access to distance learning, and more.

About the Center

Funding Agency

National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research


Contact Us

Northeast ADA Center
201 Dolgen Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-3901
Toll-free telephone number in NY, NJ, PR, USVI: 800-949-4232
Telephone: 607-255-6686
Fax: 607-255-2763
TTY: 607-255-2891
Email: northeastada@cornell.edu

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